Tips on how to fix conditions brought about by having flat feet

Flat feet are a common foot condition that affects 30% of the world’s population. It is the state wherein the foot’s arch is lower than the usual. Unbeknownst to many, having feet deformities could lead to various health problems. Well-known medical expert, Dr. Willie Ong revealed on his vlog that having flat feet is typically the reason why most people are suffering from body pain.

According to him, people who have flat feet may suffer from imbalances all over the body since their feet lay flat on the ground every time they stand up.

Having flat feet also causes discomfort to the person as it usually leads to aching of joints in the front part of the foot, hardening of toes, painful foot arch, heels, and ankles.

Moreover, he explained that people who have flat feet are more prone to having back ache and knee joint pain, as well as soreness in their hips and shoulders. That is why whenever you feel aches in your body, it is better to check whether your feet are in good condition.

If you notice that there are deformities in your feet, then you better try these exercises that can fix the problem.

1. Place a tennis ball or rubber ball under your feet to help soften the tendons.

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2. You could also use a feet roller to soften the ligaments.

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3. Massage your feet for 10 to 15 minutes.

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4. Curl your feet in a letter “C” form, repeat it 10 times for five seconds.

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5. Raise your toes to help exercise the muscles.

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6. Squeeze a piece of cloth or towel using your toes.

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7. Tap your toes one at a time.

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8. Ensure the stability of your toes by making sure that they are distanced from each other.

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9. Raise your heels 20 times a day to help activate and harden the muscles of your soles.

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10. Stretch your heels on the stairs for 10 seconds.

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Aside from those, he also advised everyone to be mindful of the kind of footwear that they are using every day. He reminded everyone not to walk barefoot and not to wear slippers all the time for it can cause your foot to lose its natural shape. Instead, he suggested using rubber shoes that are appropriate for you. Most rubber shoes are designed with an arch that helps fix the problem of having flat feet. Also, using an insole could be of great help.

DISCLAIMER: The medical advice in this article was taken from the sources provided below. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner before attempting any of the procedures cited in this article.

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Source: Payonidoc
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