These are the foods you should eat or avoid if you have diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition caused by the absence or low levels of insulin in the blood, leading to abnormally high levels of glucose in a person’s body. Symptoms include an increase in urination, excessive thirst, fatigue, hunger, weight loss, skin problems, slow healing of wounds, yeast infections, and numbness in the feet, among others.

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According to the website Payo Ni Doc by Dr. Willie Ong, diabetes affects more than 30.3 million people in the United States alone. If you suspect that you or someone you know may have diabetes, it is best to consult a medical professional immediately and have the necessary medical tests done so that it can be treated early.

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Because of its prevalence, it is important to know what we can do to manage this medical condition. One such way we can take care of our bodies is by following a strict diet, which the “Doktor ng Bayan” discusses.

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These are the foods that should be consumed by a person who has diabetes:

1. Green leafy vegetables (e.g. okra, water spinach, bitter gourd, moringa)

2. Fruits (pears, pomelo, and apples)

3. Fish

4. Wheat bread and brown rice

However, the following should be avoided as much as possible to stop the condition from worsening:

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1. Dairy products, ice cream, food with icing, cakes

2. Pastries (e.g. chocolates, doughnuts, pancakes)

3. Sugary drinks (e.g. iced tea, soft drinks, sweetened coffee)

4. Food or beverages containing high levels of sugar

5. Fatty or oily food (e.g. bacon, French fries, deep fried food)

Dr. Willie Ong also recommends that diabetics reduce their intake of meat, full-cream milk, cheese, and rice.

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Note: The medical advice in this article was taken from the sources provided below. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner before attempting any of the procedures cited in this article.

For reference, check out Dr. Willie Ong’s entire video below:

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