Tips On How To Maintain Soft And Youthful Skin

There are various signs of aging and the most visible among them are found in the skin. If you happen to notice that your face shows signs of wrinkled and spotted saggy skin when you look at yourself in the mirror, then you’re probably looking for remedies on how to get rid of them.

Renowned medical expert Dr. Liza Ramoso-Ong discussed on her vlog the different composition of the skin as well as the different factors that usually causes it to wrinkle and turn saggy.

According to Dr. Liza, our skin is composed of three layers and each one of them has its own distinct role. The epidermis, which is the upper and outer layer, serves as the storage area of keratin that keeps pathogens from penetrating and entering the body. Aside from that, it is also where dead cells are being exfoliated. The dermis or the lower, inner layer contains the veins, elastin, collagen, and other structures. Finally, the hypodermis or the layer of the skin found beneath the dermis is the storage site of body fats.

She explained that aging contributes to the changes in our skin and that is the main reason why undesirable fine lines and wrinkles appear on our face. According to the good doctor, as a person gets older, the skin formation also changes. At the early age of 20, production of protein collagen in the body starts to slow down. After 10 years, fat cells start to reduce which could eventually cause dehydration of the skin. By the age of 40, a person’s body will then stop generating collagen, making you lose your original soft, plump, and youthful look which can leave you with saggy skin.

To avoid the formation of dark spots and wrinkles on your face, here are some of the products that you should take into consideration:

1.Moisturizer – As early as 20 years old, make it a habit to apply this to your skin everyday.

2.Moisturizing lotions – Applying lotion boosts hydration in your skin.

3.Sunscreen – If you love spending time under the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen on your body to keep you from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

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Aside from the above-mentioned skin products, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day is recommended to keep your body hydrated.

DISCLAIMER: The medical advice in this article was taken from the sources provided below. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner before attempting any of the procedures cited in this article.

What can you say about these beauty tips to ward off saggy skin from Dr. Liza Ramoso-Ong? Do you find this useful? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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